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    What I believe about Good Friday:

    Yahweh is timeless. He’s seen the “whole movie.” We live and see it “frame by frame.”

    God sees it now — now consists of our future / past and our present / future.

    Therefore, Good Friday is the epicenter of human existence — it is where God’s future / present interfaces with time.

    It is the day of reconciliation between Yahweh and humanity, but it would take a person part human and part God to do that.

    God looks at Good Friday and spares Noah and his family.

    God looks at Good Friday and takes Abraham and Sarah from Ur and establishes a covenant with him, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel)

    God looks at Good Friday, and the descendants of Israel are to to kill a male lamb and sprinkle its blood on the side posts and upper post of the doors. When the death angel saw the blood he would pass over those homes killing the first born of the Egyptians. Yahweh was looking back in human time from Good Friday — that’s why the death angel passed over the doorposts with blood on them.

    On the Day of Atonement when the high priest would sprinkle the blood on the mercy seat, God was looking back from Good Friday seeing the “Lamb of God that would take away the sin of the world.”

    The Day of Atonement — Good Friday — was also a day of reconciliation for “whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

    God looks at Good Friday — the day of reconciliation — to the end of time. The times of the Gentiles would end — the day of reconciliation — Good Friday — will end, and time as we know it shall be no more.


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