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    “Stand on the field as David takes on Goliath, kneel beside Daniel in the depth of the lion’s den, or witness the parting of the Red Sea with Moses. With Bible VRX we place the viewer right in the center of the action with full 360-degree range of view,” said Bible VRX.

    The app can be downloaded in both iOS and Android devices. Once it’s installed, the user can place his handset in any compatible Google Cardboard headset.

    “This app is built to work with Google Cardboard 2.0 (or compatible VR headsets) for the full VR experience,” said iTunes.


    I did not select this link because of its content. I selected it because it was the only one I could find to show the VR 360 concept. In this music video, it is important to remember that the viewer who becomes part of the events never leaves his chair.


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