It’s a new world. Macy’s, Sears, and Kmart are closing stores. Cyber Monday / Online Buying is contributing to this.

But “Amazon has a patent on a warehouse blimp that can hover over a city at 45,000 feet with products and a fleet of drones to make deliveries from online orders.”

It’s a new world for the church too. Part of the reason is that “85% to 90% of those 35 and younger — your church’s future / the high tech generations— are largely outside of the church.”

If I could show your church a better way to connect with your congregation inside your church and a way to also reach a new “congregation” outside of your church — those 35 and younger — at the same time, would you be interested?

Here is a way I would recommend. I would recommend that your church consider a one-of-a- kind technological creation developed by a tech team called The Church Centered Social Media Site / Online “Churching.” It has built in mechanisms to connect with those 35 and younger on social media sites like Facebook both within the church and outside of the church.

Anyone in your church — especially those 35 and younger who use Facebook — can connect with their friends on Facebook from their Church Centered Social Media Site / Online ”Church- ing” because this interfacing configuration also has the outreach mechanism for “going beyond the walls” to especially reach those who are 35 and younger and largely outside of the church.

And, churches can receive additional financial support from the community of people outside of the church through the site’s Online Giving network connection.

It is FREE — PASSWORD PROTECTED — AN EASY TO USE (TUTORIALS ARE INCLUDED) And your church will be joining us.  Our cloud-based server can handle 100 million hits per day.

Join us as we connect with churches from all over the country. Feel free to comment or contact me by clicking the envelope on the bottom right.



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